A blog post about writing a blog post

Sometimes, I feel the most hardest promise to keep is the promise made (many times, possibly) to yourself. I always tell myself to write more often on this blog, but so far it looks like I have failed badly.

My most recent entry was written on December 17, which was more than 2 months ago. I don’t wanna find some lame excuses to explain like “I don’t have enough time” or “I am already tired after a long day studying/working.” Even Bill Gates has time to write about his journey, why can’t I  ??  Some people says that if you really really want to do something, you’ll find a way to achieve it sooner or later.

To be honest,  I always hesitate to write something because I don’t know what to write, and on top of that, I’m not really sure what I am going to write is correct.  I know that the one-hundred-percent-correct thing does not even exist; since something is right today will not necessarily be the truth tomorrow. But there’s something still prevent me from adding new post to this blog.I am still trying to find it….. But it seems that the most reasonable excuse which has been found up to now is… my laziness. O_O



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3 responses to “A blog post about writing a blog post

  1. lala

    lol u r too hard on yourself

  2. daddy

    yeah, kinda understand what you mean
    you have some minor grammatical mistakes, i wonder if you’ve made them intentionally (but i dont think so) :))
    laziness…hm… you are not the type of people who like to reveal too much about themselves (neither am I) so that is problematic
    most people who blogging, facebooking, etc. frequently like to socialize, or in vnmese community, like to show off (in my opinion), so i think you’ll have hard time keeping your promise/whatever…

    gud luk chuk

  3. lol man,
    obviously I don’t wanna reveal too much about myself. If you know how great other people are, you won’t feel like showing off your small achievements any more. But still a little of being proud in what you’re doing is a big motivation though (at least this is true to me)

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