An Update

Just feel like writing an entry for my blog all of a sudden at midnight. It is almost the end of the Spring, also is my third semester at UTD. The junior year passed by so fast. I couldn’t achieve as much as I wished; everything was harder than I ever imagined. Have been really tired and frustrated for the last few months.

In Feb, a company in downtown Dallas gave me an offer to work as a Network security specialist. A good position with fair pay, guaranteed sponsorship and most importantly that was the job I always wanted to do. They wanted me to start working immediately right after I accepted the offer. Unfortunately, due to some restrictions of my university’s department, I couldn’t get approved to work during Spring. It was kinda sad at first though, but at least now I have completely got over it and accepted it as precious experience.

Enough with the bad news.  To be fair, the whole last semester was not actually wasted.  The UTD’s computer security group, which founded by me and a friend, has been active and yielding good results up to now:  decent number of members, full supports from the department and lot of skilled people interested in security coming to the meeting. Thanks to the group, I had opportunities to meet new friends who share the same interests.

It’s 2PM. My writing now is just like crap (just as usual); should be improved very soon (or I will be in a serious trouble T_T ) .


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3 responses to “An Update

  1. Vy

    😀 co len anh Duong

  2. Chieuha

    i’m proud of u, honey

  3. iris Bui

    🙂 good one always asks good efforts..:)

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