Refresh my blog

I just decided to tweak some minor things in my blog to improve the overall reading experience of viewers. Below is the list of changes and explanations I made:

  • Increase Font-Size of title and body contents: Since I do read and read a lot, it’s a real pain to me staring at some tiny text for a long time. It hurts my eyes so bad. The rule that I have developed over time is:  I never read any blog which has font size less than 11 (one rare exception is if the content of that blog is extraordinarily good). I bet you would feel the same thing, so I have made the text BIGGER.
  • A view is now showing at most THREE recent entries at a time: Having multiple entries on one page could confuse the readers. Plus, they may have a hard time scrolling up and down to find the next older entry if they want to skip the latest one. By observing the average length of entry in my blog, Three entries per page seems to be a reasonable number.
  • Add a simple “Just 5 minutes” slogan to very top of the blog: 5 mins? That’s right! I promise it won’t take you more than 5 minutes to read each latest entry in this blog. I will try to keep everything as simple & informative as possible. In addition, every entry should come with at least one or two images to illustrate better the ideas being mentioned in the post. After all, “One picture is worth a thousand words” isn’t it?  So keep in mind, it just takes under 5 mins to read and learn new thing in my blog. 🙂


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