A life without Facebook

Delete Facebook account

These thoughts explain why deactivating your Facebook account may be one of the best decision you would ever make to have a more productive life and a better future. Bye bye Facebook!

The first couple of days took some getting used to. There were times when I caught myself typing my browser shortcut for Facebook out of habit. I think Facebook, like email has turned into a site which we click to whenever we’re distracted, when we’re facing some hard tasks at work, when we’re trying to procrastinate on something, or when we’re looking for an emotional release. In a way it’s an avoidance outlet. It’s okay if we’re conscious of that, but if we’re not, it can easily turn into a repetitive click-fest, where you post a comment, go to the next profile, post another comment, return to your profile, update your status feed, and by time you’re done, someone has replied to your comment and it’s now your turn to reply.

Now this whole process may take no more than 10-15 minutes, but most of us check Facebook more often than we realize. Say if you do it once an hour at work (which is pretty tame – back when I had an account, I noticed some users seemed to literally be online all the time), that’s 1.5-2 hours gone in a standard work day, or almost 15-25% of your work hours!

Personally, I didn’t realize how time I was spending on Facebook – It was only after deleting my account that I suddenly noticed myself having a lot of free time.

(From The Personal Excellence Blog )


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  1. John W

    Fuck facebook. See the colors of the real world.

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