Fear of the unknown

What is it? 

Consider these situations:
You are walking in a dark street at night to get home.
You are in the car of your friend and he is driving too fast.
You are in the last moment of your life.
Before read further, you should spend a moment to think about this question: What do the three situations above have in common?
If you can’t figure it out, the answer is, you do not know what kind of things are going to happen next. They are still unknown, but your mind is telling you that they won’t be good things.

In all three situations above, anything may happen: you might be suddenly attacked by a robber, the car might bump into something and in the last case, your soul might be torn apart by the Death.

And this is one of the worst fears of human beings: the fear of the unknown.

The Consequence

Why fear of the unknown is bad? It keeps you worrying about things that either have a small chance of occurrence (you might be attacked) or things you have no control over (death). And eventually, it completely wears you out.

Aside from those extreme examples, fear of the unknown often prevents you from switching to a better job, getting to know a new friend or taking advantage of new opportunities to succeed.

Some thoughts

Regarding to death, religions do a great job of helping people in fighting this fear. They make the unknown become the known: “death is just a doorway to heaven.” Once people believe that, they no longer worry about what will happen with them after they die, because they know the gate of heaven is waiting for them.

However, reality proves that religions still can’t totally remove all uncertainties behind death from their followers: even people who firmly believe in heaven don’t want to die to go there. After all, how many people has been able to come back from heaven to tell the story of how it looks like?


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