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Envy vs Admiration

One of the best ways to succeed is surrounding yourself with successful or talented people. You should make friends with them, like them and learn from them, however, do not ever admire them.

Instead, envy them.

They are more successful than you. By envying them, you have a great motivation to learn harder and work harder with the hope that someday you will be in their league.
On the other hand, you admire somebody only when in deep down of your mind, you know that it is impossible for you to be like them. In other words, you admit your own defeat.

Given a group of people that you wish you had their successes:
If you envy all of them then this is the best case. It means you will be like them someday.
The second case, if you admire them while still are little jealous. This is worse but still ok. You still have some chances to be like them.
Lastly, if you truly admire them without even a smallest envy, then, my friend, you are doomed forever.



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