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Fast Longman Dictionary lookup bookmarklet

Longman has recently made available online the almost complete version of their Dictionary of Contemporary English. For anyone who doesn’t know or haven’t got a chance to try out yet, Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English is a very comprehensive document; it includes not only English definition of a word, but also packed with several example sentences (which is often the best way to learn how to use a new word). I found this particularly useful for anybody who want to improve their English.

The only convenience remained is you have to go to their homepage every time you look up a word. ¬†Kinda time-consuming isn’t it?

So I wrote a small javascript bookmarklet to make my life easier: just enter a word in the prompt box then press OK and its English definition will show up in a new tab of your browser.

javascript:(function(){var word=prompt("Enter a word to look up","");word = word.trim();if (word!=null && word!=""){var url="";url += word;if ( document.location.href.indexOf("")<0){,'_newtab');}else{window.location = url;}}})()

Just select all the piece of code above, drag it to your bookmark bar, then change its name to what you like (for example, “Fast Lookup”). And That’s it! ūüôā
Click on that bookmark whenever you want to look up a word.

Select all the code

Drag it to your bookmark bar & right click to change name

The Result

Have fun learning!!



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A simple Facebook App

Funny Emoticons App

Install my Funny Emoticons App for your facebook page  here :

Just created a new facebook app based on Facebook Platform.  The app is simple, however, it took me a while to get used to the platform.  I used FBML(facebook markup language)  and Ajax in my app.

Some html and ¬†javascript restrictions as well as their new “sandbox” ¬†make development process a little bit more complicated. ¬†But overall, the platform is great and they’re working on improving the documentation. ¬†I’ll share with you what I know about the platform in later post.

Hope you like it!

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