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The reason why we don’t write

In this social media era, a large percentage of information is in form of writing. Still, there are a lot of people who don’t write. Why? There are many reasons. But, in my opinion, one of the most common causes is we all want perfection in our writing.

We want everything in our post to be perfect. Nothing is more embarrassing than writing a blog entry with full grammar mistakes and publishing it under our very own name. People will laugh at our faces once they see it. However, since we don’t write often enough, we can’t have a blog post that we truly satisfy. So finally, we decide it’s better not to write anything. End of story.

However, our world does not and should not work that way. Stop reading and take a look at everything around us right now. Can you name anything that is perfect? I bet you can’t.

Let’s take it further. Suppose that after trying very very hard, you find a thing which, in your opinion, is almost perfect. Unfortunately, somebody can always tell you that, that thing is no way close to their image of perfection.

You may ask, Why? One simple explanation is because their definition of perfection is different from your definition of perfection and, in turn, differs from mine. Perfection itself does not exist.

So why would you have to bother about how other people may think of your writing?

Just write! Do not wait for perfection, because it will never come.
But what to write? My answer is just write anything that pops in your mind. Any topic is OK as long as you start writing it.

And you know what? A blog entry, even short, conveys way more meaning than a ton of empty Facebook statuses. And as a friend of yours, I care about it.



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