Excuse – the failure desease

No more Excuses

No more Excuses

How many times have you used excuses as a shield to deny your own failures?

  • ” This university sucks. Professors suck.  I didn’t learn anything  at all .  I can’t find a good job because I was in this place.  My friends get their ideal jobs because they were from good schools. “
  • ” I’m not as smart as  my friends.   Obviously, I can’t do what they are doing. It takes brain to succeed.  So why bother trying? “
  • “I can do anything; but everything so far I have done has failed because of my misfortune.”
  • “I am a loser.  Always.”

Excuse is the most common way to escape from failures.  Perhaps,  many of us have used excuses, couple of times or more, to “cure” our failures. Unfortunately, excuse is not a good medicine like we believe, in contrast,  it’s a desease.

Like any other desease, it gets worse if it isn’t treated properly.

A victim of this desease goes through this mental process:

“I have failed badly in school /  at job.  So what’s the reason?  Let’s see which one can help me save face:  my health is not good,  I am not smart, I lack of education, I got bad luck … “

Once he finds good reasons to make him feel better, he simply sticks with them.  His following failures are explained by those excuses:  “Today is just like the other day, I failed because of  stupidity” .

Each time the victim makes the excuses, the excuse become embedded deeper in his mind. The more frequently he use them, the more he think those execuses are completely true:  “So I am really stupid , I failed again”

And Finally :  ” I can’t do anything. A dumb will never be succesful.”

Failures succeed failures.  Have you ever been in this situation ?

I sometimes find myself in this trouble which affect so negatively to what I do.

How do we get out of this problem?

Remember you should be the one who control your life and your achievement.  Many people who are uneducated still succeed in their lives.  If you are doing bad in school, it’s your own fault. If what you believe is true, so all students from your school are unemployed?   Succesful people know they can control their life rather than leaving everything to fate .

If your attitude is like “Ok, I’ll give it a try , but honestly I don’t think it will work“, when you are doing something and  expecting it fails, Failure will be your result. You lost money, time and receive failure.

So, always think “I’ll win!“, not “I’ll probably lose”;  ” I can do it!” rather than ” I’m afraid I can’t”.

People don’t need intelligence to succeed.  Don’t ever :
1. Underestimate yourself.

2. Overestimate your friend’s brain power.

Don’t see other people achieve something and think “ Wow, he/she is so talented. What about me? I’m stupid. I’ll never be able to do the same thing

Put effort into everything you do. You’ll realize how easy it is.

Important thing is not how much intelligent you are but how your way of  thinking guides your intelligence. Intelligence alone without proper way of thinking is useless.

PS: This entry I wrote for myself and anyone who often use excuses as a shield to avoid facing failure.


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